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"the business is now firmly back on its previous trajectory, balancing its solutions business against growth in managed services.This should drive revenues up 22% to £11m and net profit of £1.7-1.8m (up 80%) in the current year.Excitable traders latched on to hopes that the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, will use next month’s Budget to ease the tax burden on young buyers.This will in turn boost the secondary market and signal the end of the downturn weakening shares in traditional estate agencies.tarrant777: Quality management of any business will take the accolades when they are due, but also put their hands up when things aren't going very well.As anticipated, the underlying level of market transactions in Q4 continued to run below 2015 and we continue to expect full year 2016 market volumes to reflect a drop of circa 6% on 2015 levels.Commenting on the Group's performance, Alison Platt, CEO said: "It is pleasing to report modest full year revenue growth against the backdrop of a challenging residential sales market.It also hints very strongly that Ravenscroft's relationship with MXCP is just beginning and has a lot further to go which means the biscuit jar is full and the lid is off and you can take as many as you want or need MXCP. "MXC currently acts as consultant to Ravenscroft in relation to its role as investment manager to the GIF Technology & Innovation Cell (the "GIF"), a technology and innovation fund in which the States of Guernsey and MXC are invested.The investment represents a deepening of MXC's relationship with Ravenscroft, which the Board believes will help to grow and drive further value within the Group's transactional businesses, as well as provide further investment opportunities within its investment business.""We are delighted that Ravenscroft has decided to take a significant stake in our transactional businesses, demonstrating their belief and confidence in the MXC model.

Which has the effect of putting a firm floor under the share price and takes up any slack.Countrywide Daily Update: Countrywide Plc is listed in the Real Estate sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker CWD. Countrywide Plc has a 4 week average price of - and a 12 week average price of 36.25p.The 1 year high share price is 174.50p while the 1 year low share price is currently 36.25p.What, for Countrywide investors however is much more concerning is:1 The constant spiral down in market share to below 5%, from circa 10% not many years ago, this loss of share taken despite adding expensively acquired businesses in the meantime which should have helped build market share.2 Reducing fee percentages on those properties that are sold.3 The prospect in 2018 of a complete ban on tenants fees which will have a devastating impact on Countrywide's revenue/profits.4 Worrying levels of debt that may require yet more money being obtained from shareholders (at what discount? Management, with their constant confusing and most difficult to fully understand PR statements appear relaxed.The City however has already marked the share price down by 10% today to an all time low, with, I would guess, more blood yet to flow.

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As set out on 15 December 2016, we are currently underway with a strategic review of our Lambert Smith Hampton business and further announcements will be made as appropriate." -Ends-bakunin: Going against the tide here.