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Akademgorodok dating

They feed off each other, so it's very different from Silicon Valley, where there is not this decades-old infrastructure on top.The Silicon Valley people have an ethos, 'We will disrupt paradigms.' I'm not sure the Russians share that idealistic underpinning to what they are doing." Instead, they talked about their work and life, while Slater took pictures. "There was one philosophy professor I'd visit every week.

"It was built in 1957 out of nothing, as a place to store science and minds outside Moscow.You still meet people whose husbands went to work at Boeing and never came back." The president of the Russian arm of microprocessor firm Intel once said, "If you have something tough, give it to the Americans.If you have something difficult, give it to the Indians.Polina and Ivan with their daughter Vasilisa in their home.Polina studied in South Korea and speaks fluent English.

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The top floor, accessible via a transparent skybridge, is a co-working space for tech entrepreneurs Kairat Kaseynov (left) and his friend Che-Che Baatyr travelled from the nearby mountain region of Altai, which borders China and Kazakhstan, for a start-up conference in Akadempark.