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Board member dating employee

This definition is not to be construed to exclude the possibility of questions of favoritism arising with regard to other family members, or other close personal or external business relationships.for the purpose of this policy, favoritism is defined as the basing of decisions regarding hiring, selection, promotion, wages, hours, or other conditions of employment on relationship rather than on objective standards and the needs of the university.By Madelynn Coldiron Staff Writer The number of reported cases of inappropriate relationships between a teacher and a student skyrocketed last year in Kentucky schools, with sexually related instances rising to 45 by the end of November, compared with 25 in 2010.Several more cases were expected to be added to the 2011 figure.For classified employees, among causes for action are engaging in any sexually related behavior with a student with or without consent – policies cover everything from sexual jokes and sexual teasing to pressure for dates or sexual favors and actual assault.Harassment/discrimination policies encompass unwanted touching, sexual advances, spreading sexual rumors and quid pro quo.The relationship affects those students as well as the victim, she said.Requires teachers, school administrators or other school personnel to immediately report to law enforcement if they suspect a child under 18 “is dependent, neglected or abused.”Makes it a felony for an adult in a position of authority to have a sexual relationship with anyone under 18.

for the purpose of this policy, is defined as all relatives, such as, but not limited to the following: spouses, relatives by marriage, domestic partners (as defined in the university’s affidavit of domestic partners), children (including step-children and foster children), parents, step-parents, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws, siblings (including step-brothers and step-sisters), cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles.A strong message State law, district policies, employee handbooks and the EPSB’s code of conduct are all clear on the subject: “Don’t go there,” said Dara Bass, KSBA’s director of Policy Services.“I don’t think that these occurrences have happened due to a lack of policies on the books or even a big lapse in training.” Sneed said teachers are told that violation of the student-teacher boundaries, particularly sexual, is the “death penalty” for certification.Bass said school staff need to hear a strong, consistent and regularly reiterated message from the central office down to the schools that these behaviors are forbidden.Likewise, school boards “have to set the culture and the tone that this will not be tolerated in our district and we’re going to do everything we can to prevent it,” Thompson said.

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They also prohibit harassment/discrimination on school property and off school grounds during school-sponsored events and outline reporting requirements.