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Which is why Soup interviewed dark-skinned women who are very happy in their skin," she added."I was a pretty serious athlete and I was always in the sun.

At that time I put it down to geography and lack of understanding.

Recently Tameka Foster (Usher’s Ex-wife) wrote a piece for the Huffington Post titled “Pretty For A Dark Skin Girl”.

In this piece she reflects on her experiences as a darker skin African American female and how at times she felt that she was not pretty or did not measure up to the beauty that light skin African American females had. One being that in the African American culture light skin and dark skin girls are conditioned to be competitive towards each other and to have an inherent negative outlook towards the other.

What disturbs me is that darker skin little girls grow up and feel self hatred towards themselves and their light skin counterparts because they might feel men never treated them as well as they treated light skin women, or simply because in the urban society they are not regarded as being as beautiful as a light skin women.

We see this being played out in Hip-Hop videos daily.

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This progresses into people dating a certain complexion because they feel that this is what is acceptable.

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