Dating an arab man

Posted by / 02-Jun-2020 07:39

SCOTT ROSS: Again, Katrina, where did your former Christian beliefs play here?

SCOTT ROSS: Katrina, a lot of people Islamic men and women are watching this nowwould certainly disagree with that.

If you’re a city girl with high ambitions, intelligence and a high level of education: Then find a man with similar strengths or attitudes.

Don’t assume that just because he is a certain way in America with you and your family that he would be that way back home or with his family.

I was living in my own country, but I was a foreigner in my own home.

KATRINA: Oh, yeah, thats how they keep their women.

I never had any idea I would be, in fact, I found Middle Eastern men attractive when I was young, but almost didn’t allow myself to really ‘feel’ for them as I felt that culturally we would never be a match.

But then all of that changed…So what are my experiences?

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