Dating and game players

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He’ll completely stop talking to you for no reason and you’ll have no real answers as to why he decided to ditch ya. Kiss-And-Ditch is a bummer but the Guy with the Girlfriend sucks even more than he does! Not only is this guy disloyal to his gal, but he’s a liar to you! It’s okay, forget this guy because he clearly has no courage if he can’t even face you! He looked you in the eyes and told you the biggest fib – that he isn’t talking to any other girls, when in reality, he’s in a flipping serious relationship! Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.Keep your guard up when dealing with questionable player behavior. Revealing too much about your personal life on social networks will help a player know exactly what to say to convince you the relationship is fate or meant to be.Inconsiderate behavior and disappointment are all a player can bring to a relationship.Identify dishonest and undependable behavior by following your instincts.And it does, when later on, you come to find out that this guy played you better than he plays Call of Duty or his guitar or lacrosse! Initially, he’ll trick you into thinking his intentions are only good and pure. He just really can’t help himself to sleeping with every girl he comes into contact with, but while he’s doing that he’ll convince you into thinking that you’re the only girl he’s seeing.

This is the core thinking of the partner who initiates hot/cold, and serves as their safety net to vulnerability. Because relationship uncertainty makes human beings yearn for stability.However, no one is too busy to send at least one text message during the day.Failing to make minimal effort means a player is just not that into you, which can be a blessing in disguise. Players play games, and unless you want to be a pawn in a game of cat and mouse, don’t fall for their fast-talking, reassuring-but-empty words.This guy just sucks on so many levels for two-timing you. Once you find out about his scheming, dump him for good. Then there’s the Friend Who Is Actually Way More than A Friend. He doesn’t even deserve a hello in the hallway from you. He’s definitely the most complicated, because the two of you share an awesome friendship – except when you’re snuggling or holding hands or…kissing? And you might have feelings for each other, but both of you are too afraid to take the leap so you’re stuck in this awkward af limbo stage.

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Be suspicious if you receive a ton of texts in one day—and then days pass with nothing.

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