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Founder dating techcrunch

So there’s an advisor agreement where most of the terms are pretty standard, but where the entrepreneur and advisor still have leeway to decide on equity.

Overall, Founder Dating has raised a seed round from investors including Soft Tech, 500 Startups, Greylock’s Discovery Fund, Steve Blank and Kapor Capital.

“Many founders don’t want to do work in the last field they were in,” she said.

“Maybe they were in music, but their last company got sold and now their real passion is in education.” Founder Dating is also not for recruiting, unlike Angel List, which moved into hiring and direct fundraising after starting off as a curated list of possible early-stage startup investments.

The teams Founder Dating has produced include, which just raised million, Velo Labs, which is building some kind of Internet-of-Things device for bicycles, Avid Tap, and Refer Bright.

Techcrunch often creates a list of the top startups and the funding they received.

These tools and techniques will now make their way to Co Founders Lab to improve the matchmaking process.

“Think OKCupid meets co-founder matching,” Brimen quips.

Journal for its efforts related to its raising equity investment via crowdfunding.

(It has raised 0,000 by soliciting via Rock The Post).

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Wonpy’s other co-founder, Luis Pallares, will not be joining, but has moved on to another startup.

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