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George wetzel dating

Hilary Fisher Page originally invented these plastic-injected building bricks for the English toy company Kiddicraft Ltd. Featuring special window and door pieces, the green, yellow, and red bricks could be used to build a house on the included black platform piece.This set of 33 blocks was meant to be used for dual construction; the blocks are reversible and depict parts of different structures on each side. The all-gray blocks came with designs for accurate models of the modern, reinforced-concrete bunkers built by the German military during the war.The directions for this Pink Tower, originally designed in 1907, ask children to stack ten wooden cubes from large to small, take down the tower, and rebuild it again. This town planning set came with a 30” x 40” street plan to help children arrange all the important buildings of a town. The toy introduced children to basic design features in the structures that made up a specific, suburban vision for an imaginary town.With this set, children were free to make their own decisions about the placement of buildings and each one’s relationship to the entire imagined community. These popular, durable cast-stone blocks were made from a mixture of quartz sand, chalk, and linseed oil, and have long been valued for their craftsmanship, their natural feel, and their weight, compared to blocks made out of wood or cardboard.

In 1952, and for years to come, they sponsored the Stark & Wetzel Rookie of the Year Award.

PLAY WORK BUILD takes children and adults alike through an exploration of play with an immersive, hands-on installation featuring molded foam blocks of all shapes and sizes and an original virtual block play experience. Early philosophers dating back to Plato wrote about the links between play and learning, believing it helps children process basic laws of physics and principles of architecture.

In 2006, the National Building Museum acquired George Wetzel’s collection of architectural toys.

Erector sets could be used to make realistic motor-operated structures such as a Ferris Wheel, a Parachute Jump Ride, a Merry-Go-Round, and even a walking robot.

This set included instructions for all of those projects, each of which would take time, space, and patience to complete.

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Ray Street in 1974 when it was sold to Rath Meat Packing of Waterloo, Iowa.

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