Hot chatchat speed dating la tasca

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These fees are also used to pay our Manufacturing partners and companies we advertise with - which makes this full process possible.Again, thank you for your business and congratulations on your new baby!

Our Shipping & Processing fees are used to pay for shipping the product you order as well as to pay our employees in Shipping, Customer Service, Marketing, Public Relations & Product Design a good and above average US living wage.*Cancelations: Because orders may be mailed out the same day that they are placed we do not allow order cancellations. *Shipping Insurance: If your order has shipping insurance on it, we will reship any packages at no cost to you in the event the package is lost by the postal service.Insurance does not cover packages lost to bad addresses provided by the customer.However your payment will automatically be taken out the same day you place your order.Any customs fees and/or import duties incurred on international delivery are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

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