How to give a friend dating advice

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How to give a friend dating advice

Deep down you know you’re getting duped or your BS radar knows something you haven’t caught onto yet.

I even heard that speaker’s same advice repeated by someone else I respected, but it still didn’t sit right.

But white-knuckling a dating relationship until feelings magically appear ends up wounding one party.

Imagine if your best friend told you “The only reason we’re friends is because I’m committed to this friendship.

Friends continued to press why we weren’t dating, and I was honest enough to explain I didn’t feel a single romantic spark in my bones toward her.“Why? While I took my friends teasing with a grain of salt, one evening I sat listening to a respected and charismatic speaker talk about dating.

So the next time that twisting in your soul occurs to let you know something isn’t right — listen to your gut.

No one likes being in the “friend zone.” It’s like the scene from Superman where Zod and his buddies get sent to the Phantom Zone. If you’re the one who has romantic feelings, you might be embarrassed to share them for fear of rejection.

There are ways to spot it and avoid the “friend zone” in the process too. By and far, my gut reaction was the strongest feeling of resistance when I decided to date my friend.

Most other people will agree that after a relationship implodes, they should have “trusted their gut.”When something doesn’t feel right, chances are it’s usually wrong.

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The other alternative is to keep torturing yourself and wonder if that person will ever reciprocate.

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