Is annabella sciorra dating bobby cannavale

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Is annabella sciorra dating bobby cannavale

The only place I felt like I belonged was in the theater.There’s something about going to work in the theater that makes me feel, “I know how to do this.So why would I want to talk about it to the press when I’m figuring it out as I go in private?It doesn’t make any sense to therapize—that’s not even a word, is it?But it’s the writing that makes the play feel like a locomotive.I go onstage, and the whole thing feels like it’s over in 10 minutes.Chris [Rock], who had never been through this before and felt a big responsibility being in the show, was really concerned—so much so that on opening night, when we gathered at five minutes [to curtain], he said, “Let’s have a great time tonight because we might not be doing this tomorrow.” I was like, “Hey man, it’s opening night! What’s been the mood backstage since the Tony nominations were announced, with three of the five cast members being honored? The first phone calls I got were from Chris and Annabella [Sciorra] congratulating me, and that’s a testament to their professionalism and their compassion. We’re truly an ensemble, which is why there are no single bows at the end of the play. I’ve never felt that I was the engine of any project, including in this play.

Speaking of ensembles, what about the fantastic group in the movie Win Win?

You must be so excited about Motherf**ker’s six Tony nominations, especially since the play endured some nasty pre-opening press. We believed in this play, but right before any opening is such a vulnerable time.

You don’t want negative publicity to affect you, but of course it did.

The movie Jungle Fever in 1991 also gave her huge recognization and open more doors for success.

These two stars married each other in the year 1989.

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This Emmy Award-nominated actress can beat up any young actress by her gorgeousness. Annabella is best known for her role she played in many of her movies like, Cadillac Man in 1990, Jungle Fever 1991, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle 1992, Cop Land 1997 and What Dreams May Come 1998.

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