Is chelsea handler really dating 50 cent Cybersex no register

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The comedian has been spotted on and off with 50 Cent, sparking dating rumors.Both Handler and Fif have always denied that there's anything romantic happening between them, and in the magazine she once again insists that no hanky-panky is going on.Ted Harbert is actually the NBC Broadcasting chairman who was Handler’s boss for four years, but the two apparently couldn’t separate business from pleasure, so the relationship failed. That was the reason it didn’t work out, ultimately. Handler’s relationship with hotelier André Balazs came after her relationship with Harbert.Handler told Marie Claire: I would come home from work, and Ted would be like, ‘Do you want to watch your show? In fact, it’s reported that she and Balazs had been on-again and off-again for years.Visiting Howard Stern's show Monday, Chelsea Handler was surprisingly (or maybe not that surprisingly) candid about her ill-fated relationship with 50 Cent.She wasted no time confirming that this rumored couple was in fact a couple, and revealing what her friends thought and why they ultimately split up.Not only that, thanks to Twitter, I can see that he has a serious problem with spelling and apparently thinks Twitter is an outlet to pray to Jesus. Lol @50cent: RT @SEXYLALA: @50cent you should come to the bay…I’ll toot this ass up for you…. Lol @50cent: Ok ok I really want a blow job damn what’s wrong with that. Lol @50cent: Look I’m a good person I don’t ask for much.

She seems like a woman that you'd really want to avoid." So if talking smack about Hollywood stars is allowed, is anything off-limits in her comedy? "I think talking about children and their looks is not nice," she explains."One of his ex-girlfriends was coming onto my show." She did not say who, but that was apparently the end of it. According to Handler, Fiddy wanted to give her a heads up that his ex still had feelings for him, but Chelsea had other things - her job - on her mind. "It was just so juvenile, I couldn't get past that. I hung up and I've never spoken to him again." But that's not to say there are any hard feelings, at least not on her part: "I do think he's a really nice guy and I think he's smart in a certain way." Considering it's Chelsea Handler we're talking about, that's as nice of a compliment as anyone, let alone an ex of hers, could possibly expect. He's already despondent of late, we don't need him firing off anymore introspective suicidal-sounding tweets.50 Cent and Chelsea Handler went to a bar in New Orleans last night ...and by the way they got up close and personal with each other, they gave some serious credibility to those dating rumors.TMZ has obtained a photo of the two of them at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans -- and one spy inside the joint tells us they were getting very hot and heavy with each other.

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