Is davey havok dating anyone potassium isotope dating

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Is davey havok dating anyone

"If one accepts it as a type of music, we're not it.If you listen to a band like Dead Can Dance, I mean, we don't sound like that at all." It's possible the label has stuck because of Havok's penchant for perfectly executed eye make-up.Davey says letting the cover band take the reigns is a great idea -- but only if fans aren't duped into thinking they're getting the real thing.Rarely ones to indulge in much more then a measure of rest, AFI vocalist Davey Havok and concerted partner in crime, guitarist Jade Puget continue to experiment with side-projects that hearken back to the genres that have shaped and inspired them both as musicians, and influenced their lifelong ideologies.' And I'm like, 'Oh, yeah,' and she goes, 'OK, when I'm 18, can we date?

Havok says some thank him for saving their lives, others show off their AFI tattoos, and the proposals keep coming."Most recently this really young girl, she was with her mother and she's like, 'Davey, will you marry me?' And I was like: 'I don't think that's legal.' She's like: 'Are you single?Was that difficult to sort of switch hats creatively and compartmentalize each project?Havok: It wasn’t difficult in that instance because the two projects were so different that they were very definitive, and so to switch back and forth was easy because they were so distinct from each other.

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