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We cannot serve anyone under the age of 13 (due to United States COPPA policies), advise users about unlawful activity, nor replace the services of a healthcare provider. You can ask simple questions and have them answered quickly, or can have ongoing discussions over time -- be that hours, days, weeks or even months -- either with staff and volunteers, peer users, or both.Additionally, before using a direct service, please search the main site or message boards first for answers, as we have a very small staff for our level of service. Longer or more complex topics are best for the message boards rather than for our chat or text services.Use for: Help finding content on the site to answer your questions, referrals for in-person local services like sexual or mental healthcare, or a referral to our message boards or live chat when you can't figure out which service is best for you. Hablamos español: Tenemos voluntarios disponibles para los usuarios de habla hispana.The SMS service is intended for answers that can be found in our site content, or can be answered or discussed on the boards or via the live chat service. A real-time popup chat window, staffed and seen only by you and our staff and volunteers. Use for: Sex, sexuality, sexual health and relationship questions, help, support and referrals.

You may need to do this more often depending how often you change conversations.

This service does require your immediate and full attention, so if you want to be able to come and go throughout a conversation, especially with lapses of several minutes, hours or days, or want to multitask, the boards or SMS service should be used instead.

Tuesday: - PM PST Wednesday: - PM PST Friday: - PM PST THE CHAT SERVICE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE JUNE 4th THROUGH JUNE 8th (We also sometimes have chat open at other times, when we have additional staff, or during certain emergencies.

Questions and situations which are NOT time-sensitive (like pregnancy risks or scares, current health problems, or help you need to find as soon as possible).

Questions and answers you are comfortable having published widely for all to see (even though they should not ever contain any identifying information where anyone reading could know it was you asking). As noted on the input form, most advice questions will never be answered, particularly if we've already written a column that has already answered a question.

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Otherwise, the wait can be anywhere from a day or two to several months.

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