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“Winning our University of the Year for Graduate Employment award is testimony to the work done by the University to ensure its graduates leave ready to make an immediate and significant contribution to workplaces regionally, nationally and internationally.” There was further cause for celebration as the NHS Management Training Scheme (MTS) was listed seventh in The Times list of Top 100 Graduate Employers ahead of organisations such as the BBC, John Lewis, KPMG, Barclays, Apple, Marks and Spencer, Facebook and the Bank of England.

Our students have also benefited from bursaries to support their development through work experience and national award-winning internships, along with placements in the UK and around the world.

You can goto Future Shop and buy a wireless router without internet.

The thing is wireless IS that bad and is much, much worse in more saturated areas(apartments, condos).

It will be fine for a while then for an hour straight ill barely be able to load a youtube video. You're not paying for wireless, your paying for the line into your home and choosing to use an unreliable way of splitting your connection.

ISPs don't sell you wireless internet, fuck I HATE that term.


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