Performance counter not updating

Posted by / 31-Mar-2020 10:27

If you see gaps of No Data for these Data Sources in particular, but the rest of your data collection (CPU, Disk, Memory, Ping, DNS metrics) is stable, then it is likely there is an issue with Perfmon on the monitored device.

Because Perfmon accesses performance counters from remote hosts, it is necessary that your collector services have Local Administrative privileges to access counters on your remote host if you are using a domain.

The most common symptoms seen when troubleshooting Perfmon instability are issues where Perfmon is having difficulty initiating a connection to a remote host.

This must succeed between the collector and host in order for the Logic Monitor After Data Source instances have been added to the host, Perfmon connectivity must continue to function in order for data collection to operate in a stable manner.

Remote registry service running on both PRTG probe and target computer Both machines are members of the same domain I have checked credentials used for windows systems.

What we've experienced twice now is that some runaway process on a machine against which we run WMI sensors ate all the memory on the machine and then some.

This caused the machine to become very "sluggish" and pretty much fail to respond to anything in a timely manner.

The performance counters when viewed locally were fine.

I also went to the server running our remote probe and tried to query the performance counters on machines X, Y, Z etc using something like powershells "Get-Counter" or the performance monitor and remote connecting to machines X, Y, Z again no problems were observed.

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