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You can also specify controls for a specific account under Account Controls on the Edit User page.

You can improve the performance of your application by taking advantage of page and region caching.

Oracle always stores Unicode data (UTF16) in Big Endian representation.

Linux and Windows have Little Endian representation and Solaris has Big Endian representation.

This release also includes a utility that enables you to convert existing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) charts to Flash.

You can now include the ability to print a report by exporting a report region to PDF.

You can also define report queries and print attributes for report regions as Shared Components making them accessible to all pages within an application.

This feature enables caching of query result sets in client memory.

The cached result set data is transparently kept consistent with any changes done on the server side.

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By specifying zero as the session ID, you can now make it easier for application users to bookmark pages within an application.

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