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Rancho santa fe dating site

All this unique local mix of cultures, languages and styles is always a great source for inspiration.You need to be fast, because, as I said, everything is very dynamic. Sometimes, I look around, and I find some usual items like sugar bags or napkins. Sometimes I draw directly on placemats."• Marina's art on Flickr.• Marina's website.For most of my life I had both the fear of drawing as well as the desire to draw.In 2011, inspired by Gabi Campanario’s Seattle Sketcher column, I finally decided to overcome the fear.

It’s about a couple of women chatting over coffee, or about workers roofing the house next door. I don't feel comfortable when I leave home without a sketchbook and some pens in my bag.I think that my way to put things in my memory is to draw them. I live in a very dynamic surrounding — Israel is a warm country with warm weather and warm people.Davis: calm, old-fashioned, progressive, quirky, very very hot in the summer.I use micron and copic pens, with watercolour."• Pete's blog.• Pete's art on Flickr.

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Of course, we have seashores, which calm us a little bit.