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Read ageplay chat

Having said that, I have been involved with all aspects of ageplay since the early 1980's and today I would like to share my thoughts and opinions with you.I leave it up to you to decide what is true for you and hopefully I can dispel some of your own myths.

For this discussion, I will define a myth as "any unscientific account, theory or belief" (source: Webster's New World Dictionary).Sometimes, but rarely, you will get two children age playing together, where there is an implied sense of control but control really doesn't exist. The older sibling does not really have control over their younger brother or sister but just by the nature of the relationship there is some sense of control.It maybe just that the younger sibling looks up to their older brother/sister and naturally follows "orders" or it could just be a bratty older sibling trying to take control.They are usually based on unrepresentative samples or stereotypes and are espoused by so-called experts who have enough credibility with the general public to be believed.Thankfully the Gerry Springer's of the world are becoming more of a comedy act than truth sayers.

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Hi my name is Melissa but I am better known as missy.