Romantic love online dating ru

Posted by / 19-Feb-2020 13:24

Romantic love online dating ru

In my opinion, modern society can't do without progress and technology.

People can avoid the risk to human life and health if they use technological devices wisely.

They don't go out or exercise, they feel exhausted and depressed.

Computer games can cause addiction and make people aggressive.

I often play computer games, watch films or listen to music.Of course, such way of life does much harm to their health.To sum up, people should continue to develop technology, but they must do it wisely. Some people say that technical devices do more harm than good.Nowadays we can't do without such gadgets as mobile phones, PCs, digital tape recorders, air conditioners, fax machines and so on.Many people feel ill at ease without their laptop computers or GPS navigation systems.

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The Internet helps me learn the latest news, access useful information, communicate with my friends and what not. It gives me an opportunity to be reachable everywhere and to keep in touch with my friends.