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Also it's got a filter on private messages so it doesn't end up as another Tinder - Ben This app has delivered everything that it promises so far.I love that the developers the whole platonic-friend-courting thing seriously and I have not received any unsolicited or NSFW messages so far.Patook uses artificial intelligence to detect lulls in conversations and to help it keep going and suggest users actually meet.

The entire concept of Patook is therefore based on building a platform where such behavior results in an immediate ban.

After running a survey of over 2,000 US adults, we confirmed that only 1 in 4 adults find it easy to make friends.

And that number drops to 1 in 5 after moving to a new city or place.

If anyone attempts to flirt on the app or the website, not only will their messages not get delivered, they will also be permanently banned from the site.

And it's all done by an artificial intelligence robot that was trained specifically to recognize flirty, creepy, needy or aggressive behavior, and that evolves every day based on the new data it receives.

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