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This film was both a critical and commercial disappointment.

for Channel Five in the UK, which turned the table on criminals and opportunists by using stunts to trap them in the act.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which starred Nick Moran, also introduced actors Jason Statham, Jason Flemyng and Dexter Fletcher to worldwide audiences, as well as introducing former footballer Vinnie Jones to a new acting career.

In 2000 Ritchie won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best Motion Picture Screenplay.

Ritchie renamed the woman Amber Leighton after his mother.Ritchie's other films include Revolver (2005), Rockn Rolla (2008), Sherlock Holmes (2009), and its sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011).the second of two children of Amber (née Parkinson) and Captain John Vivian Ritchie (b. 1866), the latter by whom she shares close common ancestors with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.The couple's most recent public appearance together was in September, at the premiere of Ritchie's film Rockn Rolla, but a source said they could not bear "to live with the pretence any longer".Madonna is currently on the American leg of her Sticky and Sweet tour, while Ritchie is working on his latest film Sherlock Holmes, starring Jude Law.

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Peter informed Vaughn of Ritchie's new film idea, and Vaughn agreed to produce.