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Given that people are often not taught that safety is such a big deal, this step requires reinforcement by constant talking about it and drawing people’s attention to it.

When the unexpected occurs, it’s important to be prepared with an emergency action plan.

Here are the top 24 workplace safety tips from the pros: This refers to their safety and the safety of others and to talk about what that means in the context of what they’re doing.

This sounds like such an obvious thing that it’s easy to miss making it the big deal that it is.

Good housekeeping means that you always work to keep your workplace tidy and free from hazards.

This Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) resource guide aims to be the most comprehensive free guide available and do the legwork of making complying with OSHA as easily as possible.

It includes a wide range of resources and can be found here.

For instance, if you work in a kitchen, educate employees on which knives to use for the job.

Make sure you have a step stool available so workers aren’t using a box, and consider where you place things in the pantry—you want the heaviest ingredients in the middle shelves so you don’t have to bend or reach.

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Have employees keep snacks and water at their desks in case of an emergency or disaster. Make sure your important data is backed up regularly and that the backup is located remotely. This will minimize losses, and help secure your business.

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