Dating loophole

Posted by / 01-Mar-2020 21:25

Dating loophole

That leaves a gaping loophole for dangerous abusive boyfriends and stalkers to walk right through.Simply because they haven’t been married to or lived with the victim, they can pass a background check and buy a gun. Outdated language in the current law overlooks this huge category of domestic abusers—even though more women are killed each year by dating partners than by spouses.

The bill was sponsored and championed by Governor Kate Brown during the 2018 Oregon legislative session.

Oregon has made considerable progress in just a few years to address gun violence, and today is yet another example of this critical work.” “Closing the ‘Intimate Partner Loophole’ is an important step to keep Oregonians safer from violence, and I couldn’t be more proud to sign HB 4145 into law,” Governor Kate Brown said.

“Im hopeful that the tide is turning on our nation’s gun debate, and that we now have the chance to enact meaningful change.

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March 5, 2018 — Today Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill (HB 4145) to protect victims of domestic violence in the state by prohibiting abusers and stalkers from getting guns.

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