Dating old mountain dew bottles

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As you can see the 7-UP is much squatter and shorter than the Mountain Dew, and the Sun Drop though similar is actually taller than the Mountain Dew.

The reason for this is that these three bottles have completely different molds, and mold numbers which can be found embossed on the bottom of the bottles.

I have no bias to anyone as I don't have a family member even remotely involved in the story, I also don't live in any of the towns who are fighting for the right to say they are the home of Mountain Dew, I'm just want to voice my questions of what has been accepted as fact, and offer my own interpretation.Actually in an April 1955 article from The American Bottler which Dick Bridgeforth has reproduced in his book "Mountain Dew Hillbilly Bottles" Charlie Gordon tells the interviewer that the concentrate is being produced by the J. Bridgforth's Mountain Dew history tells us that the Hartmans created Mountain Dew because they couldn't get their favorite mixer, Natural Set Up, in Knoxville.(1) Yet he goes into great detail telling us that they were great friends with Charles Lazier owner of the J. Lazier Manufacturing Company at that time, even to the point of inviting their families for trips on the Lazier Yacht. Knowing that by 1948 the Hartmans held the franchise for Mil-Kay, and I'd bet Sun Drop Lemonade as well, wouldn't you think that being such great friends with the owners of their favorite Natural Set Up brand that Charles Lazier would make sure they weren't without a Natural Set Up franchise as well?I have done much researching into the "House of Lazier", and their products, and I've discovered that Natural Set Up was a product of the J. The Hartmans filed for registered trademark status for Mountain Dew on November 12, 1948.(4) The claimed First Use Date on the trademark paper work is September 24, 1948, and the First Use In Commerce date is listed as October 10, 1948.(4) How can you have a first use in commerce date on a soft drink if you didn't bottle the soft drink until 1955?The Hartmans created the lithiated lemon-lime flavor around 1947 or so, if Pepsi's recent 60th anniversary celebration of 2007 is to be believed.Bill Jones' Grandson claims that it was indeed Bill Jones who created the lithiated lemon-lime flavor for the Hartmans. Louis, MO.(2)That fact raises an interesting quandary in my mind.

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Also I would like to add that having the records for the Marion Bottling Company I have noticed something about the ordering process for ordering bottles from the same Owens Illinois plant that made these bottles.