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She currently has 18 gallery links and 1 videos in her own Free Ones section. She is listed on Free Ones since 2004 and is currently ranked 5098th place.In the dark brown lower levels, from 18 000 to 3 000 years ago, a distinctive early assemblage was found.The find included thick, denticulate or notched flakes, core scrapers and small blades, pebble tools and quartzite fragments that could have been part of grindstones or anvils.

A feature of the Ord River sites is that organic material if often well preserved.Changing to a settled way of life would have been difficult at best, as the climate over most of Australia is too dry and erratic for dependence on crops, and as is now known, Australia has the most impoverished soils in the world.A nomadic lifestyle was probably the best option,, as they could move around their territory, allowing other parts to recover before they returned.Prior to the discovery of the sites of ancient habitation around the Top End it had been postulated by a number of researchers that the first Aboriginal People to arrive in Australia would have landed at places like Arnhem Land, Cape York or the Kimberly region, based on the proximity of these places to New Guinea and the islands of Southeast Asia.All 3 regions have now yielded evidence of Pleistocene human occupation.

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750 000 years ago a shower of tektites fell across Australasia.