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Some variants also encrypt the filename itself, so the encrypted file name may look either as locked or 85451F3CCCE348256B549378804965CD8564065FC3F8.locked.The ransomware adds the ".~xdata~" extension to the encrypted files.

After encrypting your files, several files are created on the user’s desktop, with name variants of: DECRYPT.txt, HOW_TO_DECRYPT.txt,

Encrypted files have many various extensions, including: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], . Cry Si S, ..xtbl, ..xtbl, ..xtbl, ..dharma, ..dharma, .wallet After encrypting your files, one of the following messages appears (see below).

The message is located in "Decryption instructions.txt", "Decryptions instructions.txt", "README.txt", "Readme to restore your files.txt" or "HOW TO DECRYPT YOUR DATA.txt" on the user's desktop.

They are all identical, containing the following text message: Special: Because AVAST decryptors are Windows applications, it is necessary to install an emulation layer on Mac (WINE, Cross Over). If Globe has encrypted your files, click here to download our free fix: Globe adds one of the following extensions to the file name: ". GSupport[0-9]", ".blackblock", ".dll555", ".duhust", ".exploit", ".frozen", ".globe", ".gsupport", ".kyra", ".purged", ".raid[0-9]", "[email protected]", ".xtbl", ".zendrz", ".zendr[0-9]", or ".hnyear".

Furthermore, some of its versions encrypt the file name as well.

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Hidden Tear is one of the first open-sourced ransomware codes hosted on Git Hub and dates back to August 2015.

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