Good christian books for dating couples to read

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Good christian books for dating couples to read

My husband and I took the approach that we couldn’t get enough information and input before we got married.

Here are five books you should read during your engagement!

It approaches conflict from a biblical perspective which is something that is so important to me.

Just as a side note, these books are great but they are no replacement for reading your Bible.

Sophisticated is for websites and Worldwide at Heart is for men.

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[close] This book club will engage participants on a variety of culturally relevant topics that have included (but are not limited to): ethnicity/race, country, agism, classism, gender stereotypes, ability and disability, sexual orientation and preference, mental health, religion and spiritual beliefs and practices, and current cultural issues.We also took the marriage advice we received from our closest friends and family to heart.Since our anniversary is coming up this weekend, I wanted to share with you a few books I really believe in.I’m not talking about the input where people want to throw their opinions at you, but truly seeking Godly counsel about our future marriage.Because of that we did premarital counseling, met with older couples for wisdom, and read lots of books.

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You would read a book or seek advice before starting a business or buying a house, so why should marriage be any different?