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He’s got a permanent smile on his face and it’s obvious that he and Halle think the world of each other.” The questionable source adds, “Keanu can be quite morose, but Halle has definitely made him feel good about himself again.” This idea that Reeves isn’t happy is possibly based on a 2010 a paparazzi shot of the actor looking glum while eating a sandwich on a park bench.

The Internet went wild making memes out of the image, which came to be known as “Sad Keanu.” However, .

When the Divas get together there is never a shortage of humor and pranks, however we all agree that pranks are only fun if they leave everyone laughing and enjoying a harmless joke!

Some April Fools’ Day pranks can get a little out of hand so we decided to gather up 50 of our all time favorite creative, fun, and harmless April Fools’ Day Pranks! Are you having as hard of a time as we are at picking which April Fools’ Day pranks to pull together this April Fools’ Day!?!

I am looking to date someone, not just be pen pals.

Regardless, a source close to Berry told us on the condition of anonymity that she and Reeves aren’t an item.

is spreading the phony narrative while sprinkling in a few false details of its own.

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Trying to get ahead of the game and have Mother’s Day prepped early this year?

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When told about how the Internet was photoshopping the image in humorous ways, the actor said, “That’s so funny. “Keanu Reeves Funny Moments Compilation.” You Tube.