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It's becoming easier than ever to converse with a robot — with products and applications like Facebook Messenger, Apple's Siri, the Amazon Echo chatbot Alexa, and Google Now.Tech companies are betting big on conversational bots as the next big thing. CBC Radio technology columnist Dan Misener says the way we treat them reveals a lot about who we are as humans. I am male and mostly I get connected to other males (which I dont mind as I like to increase my social-circle), however few times I have been connected to person from opposite-gender as well and boy boy I had great sexting sessions few times.At last there are no bots or fakes on Near Group app.

CBC Radio technology columnist Dan Misener explains why the way we treat chatbots reveals a lot about who we are as humans.

Most chatbots are limited by the fact that their creator... [Articles] - More than 50 programmers, scientists, students, hobbyists and fans of the A. Put simply, this software will allow you to chat (by entering text) wit... A chat program inspired by the original classic 'talking computer' the ELIZA program, written by J. That is to say that Live Chat is offered to users, but there&... A program that can mimic online flirtation and then extract personal info...

Chat program scoops the prize for being almost human [Articles] - Her name is Joan; she is just a few years old and very talkative... Project Anni (English & German) [Chatbots - English] - Anni stands for Artificial Neural Network Intelligence and was based in first versions on a three layer perceptron – a special type of a feedforward arti... Simon's Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with 'Imitation Game' experiment [Articles] - On Saturday April 16, students at Simon's Rock College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and Dr. World's First Original Imitation Game [Articles] - Turing's Original Imitation Game was played for the first time ever at Simon's Rock College of Bard in Great Barrington, MA on Saturday, Ap...

EVA Free - Voice Assistant [Assistants] - If you are looking for an application that provides hands-free operation of your phone then EVA is right for you. Fake Captain Kirk [Chatbots - English] - Pandorabots Spell Binder scanned publicly available fan-compiled transcripts of 72 episodes of the original Star Trek TV series. German chatty bot is 'most human' [Articles] - A German computer program has chatted its way to first place in the Loebner Prize for human-like communication. How my program passed the Turing Test [Articles] - In 1989, the author put an Eliza-like chatbot on the Internet.

Cyber Community Where Humans and AI Chatbots Unite [Articles] - The P2B (Person 2 Bot) Consortium has released a cyber community where humans and chatbots unite. Daxtron Laboratories [AIML / Pandorabots] - Project Cy N is the merger of a AIML interpreter used to develop chat bots with the Open Cyc inference engine. Eliza AI Chat Bot [Chatbots - English] - Have no friends? She'll give you words of wisdom, help, support, and will never make you feel alone. Elizabot passes sex-chat Turing test [Articles] - A bored hacker modified an Eliza programme to act as an IRC sex-chat bot that impersonated an eighteen year old girl (or, rather, impersonated a sex-chat a...

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As we interact with more and more bots, the question arises — how should we treat them?

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