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Not to mention wonderful clips of over the knee spankings.1brings you spanked bum galore, with all the wonder of caning bare bottoms.

Not to mention wonderful clips of over the knee spankings.

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We Get It QUYI F/m #spanking Please enjoy this surreal montage of female disciplinarians @spanking360, including: Ava Madison, @Audrey Sugarsmak, Giselle L’amour, Krystina Rhyzhkov and more as they scold and tan the hides of brats like @Tommy Marino360. We Get It Yt6Kd0I F/f #spanking Please enjoy this clip from @spanking360’s “Abigail’s Punishment Spanking.” When Audrey Knight finds that Abigail Whittaker’s pride has become a stumbling block to her progress, she discipline her in the most humbling way with this butthole #spanking. Saob Xn ZF2 F/f #spanking Please enjoy this bare bottom #spanking gif from @spanking360's "The Claiming of Stefan Part IV," wherein Audrey Knight gives @Mila Spanks the first over the knee #punishment of her adult life at #House Knight. We Get It GXzll DKM M/f #spanking Please enjoy this slo-mo gif from @spanking360's “The Taming of Stefan, Part III,” wherein @Mila Spanks quickly loses her smirk as Stefan Knight starts to ratchet up the intensity of this good old fashioned, bare bottom #spanking. ) Jk F/m #spanking Please enjoy this slow-mo gif from @spanking360's "Major Ma'am," wherein the beautiful Audrey Knight shows off her exquisite physique while delivering a strapping with military precision to Stefan Knight's red, white, and soon-to-be blue bare bottom.

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1Spanking should be your main provider of Excellent Spanking Content. F/m #spanking Please enjoy this slo-mo-gif taken from @spanking360’s “Sadistic Headmistress Part 1,” wherein @tashaleeotk gives a harsh scolding and administers a ferocious bare bottom #paddling to her errant student, Stefan Knight. Qm Pe Bby L2 F/f nude #spanking Please enjoy this clip from @spanking360's "You'll be Warm in Just a Minute," wherein the beautiful brat, Brittany Parker, is yanked out of a warm shower for an OTK bare bottom (and bare everything) #spanking by Audrey--"You do not sass me!

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