Wu chun dating rainie yang

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Wu chun dating rainie yang

I had promised to bring some popular Taiwan drama OST downloads and time and memory got away from me but late is better than never.Here’s the promised post with the official full length release of the theme and ending songs for .

She teaches him to stand on his own two feet, and with hard work and creativity, gain back everything he's lost.

At her new job, she comes face-to-face with Gi-tae, who happens to be one of her employers.

At first Yang-soon has trouble adjusting to city life; she gets bullied at school and doesn't get along with Gi-tae's girlfriend Yoon Na-hee (Han Eun-jung).

He speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Taiwanese Hokkien.

Since 2011, he has been signed to Yang Deng-kui's management company Polyland International Entertainment.

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